Historia del Primo...Desiderio.

Story of Primo... Desiderio.

Cousin's Story...Desiderio

In the 80s, Freestyle was something reserved for "nerds", but there is no doubt that many of them ended up being precursors of street skating , or at least they created most of the flatground tricks, to show in their "performances", with choreographies, many times to the beat of the music, each one more bizarre if possible, with the consent of skaters like  Sir Steve Rocco and Sir Rodney Mullen. In that amalgamation of artists who were active in the Freestyle of the 80s there was a guy  called Primo Desiderio, and yes, you guessed it quickly, one of his secret tricks was to slide with the edge board, mounted on the wheels and the edge of the board ( Primo Slide ), and that is exactly the reason why when we fall intentionally or harmfully on the edge we call it "falling Primo". With the fall of Vert and Freestyle at the beginning of the 90s, Primo Desiderio together with his wife Diane (also a Freestyler), reoriented their careers and dedicated themselves to entertaining weddings and events with their freestyle, which they continue to do today! . Perhaps you are interested in contacting them for your wedding?


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